Bush Walks
Ceramic Break Sculpture Park - Warialda NSW  Australia

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There are three bush walks at the sculpture park. The longest being 1.3 kilometres one way.

The three walks are:

The 1.3 km  track to Ceramic Break where people are encouraged to break a ceramic pot to help us create an artwork in the bush. Be sure to wear eye protection!

View approaching Ceramic Break - inside the Park

Where ceramics are broken - Ceramic Break

"Ceramic Break" where ceramics are broken.


Map of Ceramic Break Sculpture Park
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Tower Viewing platforms built around the park, at scenic locations for bushwalkers to view the surrounding rural landscape.


The Sculpture Walk begins at the same place as the Ceramic Break walk.  It loops around up hill and down, and is about 1km from the galleries, there and back.


The Venus of Elphinstone

Crash and Burn - Icarus

Somebody ate my head!

 Crash and Burn

 Somebody ate my head!


Little Ears
Little ears

Dad whatever it is, I'm against it.


The Gazebo walk is km there and back.

The pink Gazebo on the Gazebo walk


Danger Pink! Be sure to wear eye protection!



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