Parade of Heroes

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park - Warialda NSW


From the parking lot, a seven minute walk through the Parade of Heroes takes you to the Gallery area of the park. The Parade currently consists of four bronze  sculptures commemorating famous or infamous people, animals, events or anything else deemed appropriate. Eventually the parade will consist of twelve sculptures.

Our first denizen on The Parade of Heroes was unveiled 16 August 2003 at Australia's Biggest Chook Show, he's John Howard our Prime Minister (1996 to 2007).

"I thought that as soon as John Howard left office, nobody would remember him.  I think it's important to remember people if for nothing else the historical record."  Kerry Cannon.

Following Mr. Howard in 2004, "Jah Lastafali" was installed and the Warialda Wombat after the game version which commemorates the 2004 rugby union tour of Australia hence the name "After the Pommy Attack of 2004" (England won the tournament).  These two sculptures proudly stand on each side of the Prime Minister.


 Silent Protest

Bronze Sculptor, Kerry Cannon, owner of the Park, contemplates the sorry state of world affairs while cleaning the monumental sculpture on the Parade of Heroes.


Jah Lastafali

    John Howard After Greenough

After the Pommy Attack of 2004

Jah Lastafali on the parade of heroes

Prime Minister John Howard on the parade of heroes

Mascot for the Warialda Football team

Japanese Monkey dancing in a
Reggae Band

    Unveiled at
    Australia's Biggest Chook Show

An after the game version of the mascot for the


    August 16, 2003

 Warialda football team


On the serious side of the Parade of Heroes is The Flower of Burma and on the other side joining the Prime Minister and those two is Biff!, unveiled during Australia’s Biggest Duck Show August 20, 2005.


flower of Burma on the Parade of Heroes




Unveiled at
Australia's Biggest Duck Show

The Flower of Burma



The Flower of Burma is a bust of Aung San Suu Kyi, who was the leader of the democratic movement in Burma and spent many years under house arrest before her release in November 2010. She has recently been elected to the lower house of the Burmese Parliament.  Suu Kyi rests on a white stand on the more serious side of The Parade.

 Koori Artist, Colin Isaacs, with his staute on the Parade of Heroes.

The Bronze Statue of Koori Artist, Colin Isaacs. The spear points to the Myall Creek Memorial site.

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