Ceramic Break Sculpture Park

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park Triennial Acquisitive Sculpture Prize 2022

Congratulations Sir Leslie Thornton. Winner of the 2022 Ceramic Break Sculpture Park $12,000 Triennial Acquisition Sculpture Prize.

Let's Go Exploring

Self knighted for services to the banking sector. Leslie Thornton refused all art tuition and is entirely self taught. He received guidance from Jon Moluig, Ian Fairweather, Yvonne Atkinson and Arthur Lindsay. Leslie Thornton has lived and worked in the arts in Castlemaine for 47 years, including 20 where he was the manager of the Theatre Royal. His work includes cartoons, collage, assemblage, repurposing as well as fine art - oil painting.

Let’s Go Exploring, 300 x 200 x 200 cm, wood and paint.

A signpost collection of alarming Australian placenames. Imagine tramping around a misunderstood arcadia in ill-fitting boots, often hungry, tired and far from home. You are an explorer with new destinations as your quest, frugality and struggle your reality. Place names map your hell. And to think, these sadly named destinations already had a name and a story.

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