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Saturday, April 27 2019

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park proudly presents the artworks of

fibrepress papermaker artist, Yvonne Ledingham,

Clay Trio the long awated return of master ceramicist Albert Verschuuren accompanied by Nicci Parry-Jones and Max Powell.

A Collection of Artworks in Pastels by Helena South

Untitled 22
Untitled 22 — Yvoone Ledingham. 53 x 43 cm. Mixed Media.
Ceramic Pot — Albert Verschuuren

Ceramic Teapot
Ceramic Teapot and Cups — Nicci Parry-Jones.
Ceramic Bowl
Ceramic Bowl — Max Powell.

The Matriarch
The Matriarch — Helena South. 48 x 91 cm. Pastel

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Entry by gold coin donation.

Exhibition continues through May.

Bring your own utensils to enter the “The Green Raffle” to a win a beautiful plant and a beautiful planet.


Ceramic Break Sculpture Park is currently housing a diverse arrangement of artists from across the state.

Some of these artists are extremely successful in their own right having shown and sold work in many Galleries over the years.

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